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Searching for a Smarter Solution to Nurse Alarm Systems in the State of California?

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Reliable Nurse Call Systems

We specialize in systems from econonical to highly advanced. Unlike others we do not try to force our clients into only one type of system. We carry inexpensive, advanced and innovative systems each one with advantages and disadvantages for our clients. our company excels in finding the best solution for your facility.

We can install, repair, and replace intercom systems and electronic video monitoring systems, connecting your staff to a live network for 24-7 monitoring. Every healthcare facility and assisted living campus is different, so we take into account the mobility of your residents, the design of your nursing stations, and your own state regulatory standards for alert and response times to create a truly personalized nurse alarm systems that work best for your staff and patients.

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Experienced Nurse Call Specialists

James Gollner Services has completed countless nurse call system projects across the state of California.

We are passionate about our custom Nurse Call Systems. All of our systems are UL-1069 (Hospital or Skilled Nursing) or UL–2560 (Assisted Living) and we have the knowledge and expertise to apply all regulations correctly.

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